Would you like to save your back and STOP lifting heavy ramps? Time wasted loading and unloading? Hassle dropping the ramps for the big ride on mowers?

No more hassles with loading small plant! Just ride on and drive off!

The Rayeli Compact Plant Trailer is a heavy duty trailer designed to shift small plant and large mowers. This little ripper features our unique Rayeli “Easy load” Air Suspension System and, with a GVM Rating of 3500 KG, it will take care of all your small plant needs. With 8 air bags rated at over 1000KG each the ride is unbelievable and its perfect for moving valuable assets smoothly and safely. Push a button and the rear of the trailer lays to the ground. The just drive on, push a button to raise the trailer to ride height secure the load and you're on your way.

Gone are the days of lifting ramps out from under the trailer and moving into position.

Watch Now: Video Showing Lowering of Ramp

Watch Now: Video Showing Raising of Ramp

Dimensions & Specifications.


  • GVM 3500KG
  • Tare weight 1000KG
  • Overall width 2500mm
  • Flat Bed 4000mm x 1900mm
  • Tray width 1900mm
  • Draw Bar. 2000mm


  • GVM 3500 KG
  • Tare 1000KG
  • Brakes Electric
  • Floor 2.1mm checker