Do you have valuable goods that you transport from time to time? Is it an effort to load and unload? Well check this out!

The big box mover is designed to protect and hide valuable cargo and make it easy to load and unload.

Starting from $28,000 +gst

The Big Box Mover is is equipped with our unique Easy Load Suspension System and provides the ultimate smooth ride to protect your cargo and its stealthy enclosure provided protection against the elements and privacy.  Big Box has a full on board air system that allows you to lower the trailer making it easier to load and unload; and like all Rayeli Air Bagged Tandem Trailers it's just a flick of a switch to raise and lower. The variable height air suspension combined with the big rear cargo door provides a straight ramp to load, no annoying humps.

Gone are the days of lifting ramps out from under the trailer and moving into position to suit the car.

Watch Now: Video Showing Lowering of Door

Watch Now: Video Showing Lowering of Trailer


Watch Now: Video Showing Raising of Trailer


Dimensions & Specifications.


  • Tray Measurements TBA
  • Internal Box Height TBA
  • Internal Box Width TBA
  • Max Width - 2500mm
  • Tow Bar - 2000mm


  • GVM Rating - 1999kg Hydraulic Brakes
  • GVM Raiting - 2800kg Electric Brakes
  • Trailer Weight - 1000kg

Options Available

  • Winch
  • Remote Control
  • Customer Paint
  • Trailer Enclosure
  • Fabrication Customisation
  • Battery Charger
  • Hydraulic or Electric Brakes
  • Ford or Landcruiser Hubs
  • And much more...