Rayeli Air Bagged Trailers

Compressed air, combined with a unique suspension system, automatically lowers and raises the trailer to and from the ground. Now that's easy loading!

At the flick of a switch the Rayeli car trailer lowers the the rear of the trailer to the ground and you can simply drive on or load up; Then with another flick of the switch, you will be back to ride height, ready to go, no ramps required!

The Rayeli easy load system is not just an amazing loading system. The trailer also rides like a car using shock absorbers and airbags. Therefore no more damage to your load caused by rigid or leaf spring suspension. The tool box houses the onboard air system but there is also room for other essentials and accessories. LED lighting bars are recessed for ultimate protection. The on board power system means you can mount work lights around the trailer for convenient night use. The on-board Air system means you have high pressure air storage for multiple uses including tyre inflation.

Airbagged Trailers Advantages

Smooth Ride

You know what its like when you ride a curb, going over rough roads, speed humps etc. The trailer load suffers at the hands of hard leaf spring suspension.

But not a Rayeli Air-Bagged Trailer! Just like air bag suspension in vehicles, the rough ride is taken away and is as smooth as silk and the addition of shock absorbers adds to the smooth ride and towing experience.

Variable Height

At the touch of a button the trailer reaches normal ride height.

You have the benefit of varying the height depending on the volume of air you release into the system. If you need a bit more height to navigate the terrain just push a button and raise the tray a little higher.



Rayeli Air-bagged Trailers come with a list of standard features but there are optional extras available.

Standard Features

BOSS Air Compressors, Big Tool Box, Low current LED Lighting, Quick release Jockey Wheel, Solid Mud Guards, Full Alluminium or steel plate Tread Tray, Box mounted Air controls, on board air storage, BOSS extreme series 2 airbags, and more...

Optional Extras

If you have a special need talk to us about customisation. There are plenty of options such as; stone guards, full or partly enclosed trailers, remote control air system, recessed tie downs, alloy trays, open trays, just ask !


Your Rayeli Air Bagged Trailer has air on board so why not use it!

Your Rayeli trailer can be fitted with a Quick Connect Neto Fitting so you can connect a variety of Air Tools including; Wheel Wrench's or Air Hoses for pumping up tyres and other pneumatic devices. The On-board Air System is powered by a normal 12v automotive battery so you have the option to charge via your vehicle, use a trickle charger, or let a small tool box mounted solar panel charge it for you.

Rayeli Air-bagged Trailers have partnered with well known air suspension systems supplier BOSS Air Suspension.
To revolutionise the Trailer industry by bringing you the most advanced and durable Air Bag Suspension Trailer available in Australasia.


Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..


The design, engineering and manufacture is all done right here in Australia. So when you buy a Rayeli Trailer you know it has been tested under Australian conditions, thus knowing your trailer will serve you well for many years to come.


Years of research has gone into development starting from concept drawings, followed by the building of working models and prototypes. By selecting the best features from a number of successful prototypes we are able to create the best robust Air Bagged Trailer manufactured in Australia.


The trailer chassis is all box steel and fitted with heavy duty stub axles and bearings and the tray is made from Tread Steel Plate. The multiple tie down points make it easy to secure many different types of loads. Air systems are provided by BOSS Air Suspension Australia.

Air Suspension

Full Remote Control! At the touch of a button the trailer lifts from the ground position to normal ride height and vice versa. Additionally, you have the benefit of varying height depending on the volume of air you release into the system.

An abundance of uses!

Here are just some of the many things you can transport with Rayeli.


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